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Noevir Tokara Sea Mineral Shampoo
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Tokara Sea Mineral Shampoo
For naturally beautiful hair

23.6 fl.oz

Our popular Tokara Sea Mineral series has been reformulated!
The new products include Screwpine fruit extract to help retain essential moisture, as well as new algae extracts, which help fight free radicals and protect against environmental damage.
By combining the bounty of the sea with beneficial botanical extracts, these products are formulated to provide gentle cleansing—while restoring moisture—for clean, hydrated skin, scalp and hair.

Tokara Sea Mineral Shampoo contains rich sea minerals specially extracted from Tokara Sea water* that retain essential moisture to the hair and scalp.
It is formulated to help restore hair’s moisture balance and improve manageability while cleansing gently.
Fortified with Chitosan PCA, which has a synergistic effect with the sea minerals, it leaves hair shiny and silky.

MADE IN JAPAN                                       

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