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MAGNUS- Treatment Hair Color 3N
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MAGNUS- Hair Color 3N
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Treatment Hair Color 3N
Hydrates and protects the hair and no harsh odors

Professional formula

Magnus’ Treatment Hair Color was developed for professional use with 2 colors: 4N (medium brown) and 3N (dark brown).  This unique hair color was created free of harsh smells while being gentle to the scalp. Shea butter was added to protect and repair your hair leaving it silky soft and with a healthy shine!


●Treats hair damage
●Gentle on the scalp
●Hydrates and protects the hair
●No harsh odors
●Silky soft finish

Shea has been used for ages as food, fuel, medicine for burns and cuts, and beauty moisturizer. In Gana, even today, new born babies are treated with shea butter to protect them from dehydration and sun burn. Shea butter is a truly natural moisture cream. Because of its multiple characteristics, shea butter is used in various beauty treatments and further research still continues in many countries.

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