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Louis Victoria Day And Night Set
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L V- Set
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Louis Victoria Day and Night Set
1 - Louis Victoria Day Cream,50ml
1 - Louis Victoria  Night Cream, 
20 ml

NEW! LV Cream Base Renovation Innovative science turns to nature for new inspirations Luis Victoria Cream Base Renovation by Placenia is an all botanical and hypoallergenic base, non-greasy texture that moisturizes, whitens and protects.
It contains a mix of UV-A and UV-B filters that protect the skin from harful solar radiation.
Aryanol, a rice derifative and titanium dioxide, a special mineral filter, perform en effective anti-UVB function slowing the rocess of hyper pigmentation and the consequent formation of brown spots.
Also contains Olive Extract that nourishes and smoothes fine lines for a naturally younger complexion.

*  Louis Victoria Extra Peeling Cream contains Vitamin C, the best natural ingredients just like fresh fruit and natural pearl of high quality.

 Louis Victoria eventually removes even the deepest types of freckles, dark spots, wrinkles and yellow spots from your face.

For more information about the added benefits of an express peeling cream
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