Reishi EX- Japanese Reishi Mushroom Extract
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Reishi EX Mushroom Extract
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 Reishi EX-  Japanese Reishi Mushroom Extract
Highly- Selected
2.4 Fl.oz / 70g

A time-honored food which has been passed on from generation to generation.
Since ancient time, REISHI has been prized for its rarity and consumed in eastern Asia. Contains highly selected REISHI which is grown in the excellent natural environment in Japan.
 Reishi is 100% pure from Okushinano, Japan, which is rich in protein polysaccharide and minerals to strengthen your health and prevent constipation*.
* normalizes blood sugar levels, minimizing development of diabetes;
*.Prevents cancer remission
* Improves general health
* Improves blood circulation

Rich in Protein polysaccharide and minerals, Reishi will dramatically strengthen your health.
How to use:
* Using the attached spoon, dissolve one spoonful (one gram) in cold or hot water.
* Tighten cap after use to avoid humidity.
* Do not lift bottle by the cap.

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